Color Guard


Tulane NROTC Color Guard is a team of midshipmen committed to the proper protection and professional display of the Marine Corps Flag, Navy Flag, and United States Ensign at all special events and ceremonies.  The team consists of four freshman midshipmen, a sophomore Color Guard chief, and a junior commander.  Those freshman midshipmen who are found to be properly motivated and show promise in their drill performance are selected to join the team, training to hone their skills to the level expected from one of our battalion’s most visible facets.  The team performs at high profile galas, collegiate and professional sports events, and battalion ceremonies.  The Color Guard acts as direct ambassadors from the Commanding Officer to the public, constantly focusing on proper presentation, dignity, and respect. The Color Guard is a long-standing tradition at one of the oldest NROTC units in the nation, and it is committed to maintaining high morale and discipline within the battalion while also representing the United States Navy and Marine Corps with precision and pride.

All freshmen are encouraged to try out for the Color Guard; no experience is required. Any questions regarding Color Guard may be directed to the unit at

Although it is not required to book our Color Guard, our unit appreciates any contributions you have to offer. All donations go to funding midshipmen operations at Tulane NROTC. Donations can be made electronically to the Tulane NROTC Midshipman Fund Venmo account (@TUNROTC_Midshipman_Fund).

To request the Color Guard for an event, please use the contact form below:

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