Non-Scholarship (College Program)

For those students who were either not selected for or did not apply for the 4-Year National or for college first-year students or sophomores who are interested in pursuing the Naval Service as an officer, the NROTC College Program is the path for you.  In addition to Scholarship midshipmen, the Tulane Battalion is made up of numerous College Program students who are actively applying for an NROTC scholarship while also participating in the unit and completing program requirements.

College Program midshipmen are full-fledged members of the battalion and participate in all the same training and activities as the Scholarship students; they also have all of the same responsibilities and demands upon their schedule.  The only difference between the two paths is that College Program students do not receive financial benefits and are not obligated for military service until they are awarded a scholarship or "advanced standing" no later than the start of their junior year. 

Applications for College Program students desiring to enter for the Fall semester are currently being accepted. If you are interested in joining as a College Program midshipman starting the Fall semester, please fill out the forms below completely. The nominal application deadline is July 15. Additional applicants after the deadline may be accepted on a case by case basis.

Students accepted into any NROTC scholarship program and students who apply to and join as College Program Midshipmen must attend New Student Indoctrination, a 3-week long training program at Great Lakes Naval Base in Illinois.  This training program indoctrinates midshipmen candidates into the military, giving them a common experience before they split off to their individual NROTC programs across the nation.  Travel expenses to and from the NSI will typically be reimbursed. 

Please download and complete the following forms (right click and save as) and return to the recruiting officer, LT Ethan Cernok, at Note you may need to download the latest free Adobe PDF reader software to view:

Questions may be directed to email or at (504) 247-1605.