National Scholarship

The 4-Year National Scholarship is the primary path for students to earn a Navy option or Marine option NROTC scholarship.  National scholarships, eligible for use at over 150 institutions affiliated with NROTC around the country, are 100% tuition awards and also include a subsistence stipend, book stipend, uniforms, and Naval Science textbooks. High school students should start the application starting the Spring of their junior year.  However, the scholarship is open to all students with less than 30 college credits, which allows university freshmen to apply.  The scholarship application window typically opens annually by April 1st and closes on December 31st. The NROTC scholarship online application portal can be located at:

The application process includes: ACT/SAT scores, high school GPA and rank, extracurricular activities, and short answer responses to some leadership prompts. Also a Applicant Fitness Assessment is required, which can be administered by a faculty member like a high school gym teacher. Lastly, an "Officer Interview" from an NROTC Officer is required. If you are interested in completing your "Officer Interview" with our staff, please email so we can coordinate with your regional office recruiter. 

The scholarship application also requires you to list your preferred five schools that you want the scholarship to be applied to should you be offered one. Typically, recipients are assigned to their number 1 school, but you may be able to change your assigned school. Note: this does not automatically admit you into the school, you must still apply and be admitted into your preferred school in order to apply scholarship benefits to that school. It is advised to apply early and to all of your top five schools to maximize your options.

In addition, the application requires you to list a desired major to pursue. The list of majors are categorized into three tiers. Tier 1 and Tier 2 contain typical STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering, math). All other degrees are Tier 3, but within Tier 3 there are also LREC (Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture) majors that stimulate the growth of regional areas and cultures that the Navy and Marine Corps value. The Navy ROTC program allocates most scholarship quotas for Tier 1 and Tier 2 majors and some additional LREC scholarships. Each university's programs may be slightly different, so please see the Tulane NROTC and Cross-Town Schools Major Tiers for more specifics. If you have any questions about any particular tier or program please email

Students accepted into any NROTC scholarship program and students who apply to and join as College Program Midshipmen must attend New Student Indoctrination, a 3-week long training program at Great Lakes Naval Base in Illinois.  This training program indoctrinates midshipmen candidates into the military, giving them a common experience before they split off to their individual NROTC programs across the nation.  Travel expenses to and from the NSI will typically be reimbursed. 

Cooperative Room and Board Scholarship

Recipients of Navy or Marine option NROTC scholarships to Tulane University and who also live on campus will also receive the benefit of the Cooperative Room and Board Scholarship, graciously offered by Tulane University.  All scholarship students in good standing with the unit and who live on campus will automatically receive this scholarship each semester: no application process is required.  This scholarship covers the standard costs of on-campus room and board for up to eight fall or spring semesters, with an option for an additional year of benefits in certain situations for those who qualify.  At present rates, this award is worth approximately $14,000 per academic year.

Please visit for further details.

Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation

The Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation (MSISR) is equivalent to the Navy option National Scholarship and may be used at one of the 21 HBCUs and MSIs across the nation that offer NROTC.  Applicants may be of any gender, race, or ethnic background and must meet the exact same Navy option National Scholarship eligibility requirements.  The MSISR Scholarship may be used at the following two cross-town affiliates of Tulane NROTC:

Dillard University

Xavier University of Louisiana

Please reference the following link for further details as well as the application portal:

In order to apply for the MSISR scholarship, an applicant must first submit a standard Navy option National scholarship application, checking the appropriate box to indicate interest in the MSISR option.  After submitting online, completed MSISR applications for Dillard or Xavier should be emailed directly to  The deadline for application submission for the 2021-2022 school year is in February 2021.  Questions may be directed to

Frederick C. Branch

The Frederick C. Branch Leadership Scholarship is for students interested in pursuing a Marine option NROTC Scholarship to one of 17 HBCUs, including Dillard University and Xavier University of Louisiana.  Please reference the following link for further details:

If you are interested in applying for the Frederick C. Branch Leadership Scholarship at Dillard or Xavier, please contact the unit at

E.V. Richards and William Waller Young Endowments

In-house scholarships are available to outstanding Tulane NROTC College Program midshipmen that attend Tulane University.  Following each semester, the unit staff evaluates and makes recommendations regarding eligible College Programmers to the Commanding Officer, who then awards scholarships to selected students that can be applied to the previous semester.  Awards are substantial, with selected midshipmen receiving an average of $25,000, and the unit routinely awards over $100,000 annually. To be eligible for these scholarships, the student at a minimum must be in good standing, have at least a 2.5 GPA, and be within physical readiness standards. Other criteria may apply.

Questions regarding the E.V. Richards or William Waller Young Scholarships may be directed to

2-year and 3-year Scholarships

Navy option scholarships are available in two and three-year varieties for highly qualified college students entering their sophomore or junior academic years.  These scholarships are available to both College Program midshipmen currently participating in the unit as well as non-affiliated college students (those not currently in NROTC).  In being considered for one of these scholarships, particular emphasis is placed on cumulative GPA and satisfactory completion of Calculus and Calculus-based Physics. Please reference the following link for further details:…

In order to apply for these scholarships or for questions regarding this scholarship opportunity, contact Tulane NROTC at navy@tulane.eduNon-affiliated college students who are interested in pursuing this opportunity are strongly encouraged to contact the unit well in advance of the deadline for guidance.